Event Comments Date
Adhoc Candidate withdrew (accepted another gig) 16-Mar-2018 13:56
Adhoc Initiating the background check and drug screen. 15-Mar-2018 17:07
Adhoc Client is continuing to interview candidates. Decision expected late the week of 3/12. 06-Mar-2018 19:36
Adhoc Confirming availability for a F2F interview on 3/15 23-Feb-2018 21:54
Adhoc Client wants to move ahead with a F2F interview 20-Feb-2018 15:16
Adhoc Client requested phone screen w/ our candidate. 13-Feb-2018 20:37
Adhoc Requesting full profile 09-Feb-2018 16:35
Adhoc RestAssured - 1 project 09-Feb-2018 16:35
Initial submission. 08-Feb-2018 23:04