Event Comments Date
Adhoc Agent tables due to luke warm results from technical screen. 22-Oct-2018 19:21
Adhoc Are you still available/interested? The client reposted this need yesterday so I was going to resubmit you to that but wanted to reconfirm your interest first. Let me know. 18-Oct-2018 12:08
Adhoc Candidate was submitted to agent. 22-Sep-2018 17:27
Adhoc Checking with vendor on markup as we are over target here. 21-Sep-2018 21:31
Adhoc Work History Notables -- 9+ years. Started as Java dev. Came to US in 2012 (chik-fila). Does have swagger on last gig (good detail) 2.5 years. 21-Sep-2018 21:03
Initial submission. 21-Sep-2018 20:55