Event Comments Date
Adhoc Candidate gets offer from our client BUT withdraws after EoR confirms they can't pull from current client due to outstanding AR risk being too high (>$100k). 02-Nov-2018 17:22
Adhoc Are you still available/interested? The client reposted this need yesterday so I was going to resubmit you to that but wanted to reconfirm your interest first. Let me know. 18-Oct-2018 12:09
Adhoc Candidate was submitted to agent. 10-Oct-2018 02:22
Adhoc Resume dates don't make sense (when did Autotrader role end). Update CV and resubmit back. 08-Oct-2018 14:59
Adhoc Work History Notables -- 13+ years. Start as java dev. All US. GA since 2009. Swagger in 2015-17. Good commentary in self-assessment. 08-Oct-2018 14:59
Initial submission. 08-Oct-2018 14:29