Event Comments Date
Adhoc Tabled by client. Not enough depth with Infrastructure as Code. 11-Dec-2018 15:57
Adhoc Hold on submission. Agent want to see if others have more exposure with similar scale (# of servers > 250, etc.) and more liaison work with CxO levels. 06-Dec-2018 20:28
Adhoc Shared to agent for thoughts. 05-Dec-2018 01:09
Adhoc Status changed to 3 - Schedule L Screen 05-Dec-2018 00:55
Adhoc Sent email to candidate asking them to validate. 04-Dec-2018 15:49
Adhoc pinged for details 04-Dec-2018 15:09
Adhoc Work History -- 15+ years; Start config mgmt 2003-05; 2006-07; 2008-12 CFG Eng.; 2013 build eng; scm mgr in 2014; build eng 2015-16; Ansible in 2017; 2017-now deploy, No Terraforma. Light Ansible. Those are the gaps. 30-Nov-2018 22:32
Initial submission. 30-Nov-2018 21:51