Event Comments Date
Adhoc Status changed to 100 - Started 10-Jul-2019 21:00
Adhoc Client has extended verbal offer for our candidate. 30-Apr-2019 15:40
Adhoc Submitting to the client. Wants to have an end goal beyond reporting (i.e. ETL / Data Eng). Checking on that. 09-Apr-2019 14:43
Adhoc Work History -- 22+ years. Exec Assist roles up to 2008. Teller for 1 yr. Then BA w/ some crystal/reporting work in 2009-2013. DW work w/ SSIS since 2013. 05-Apr-2019 19:39
Adhoc Status changed to 2 - Submission Reviewed 05-Apr-2019 19:37
Initial submission. 05-Apr-2019 19:32