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Adhoc Work History Notables -- 18+ years. Start in VoIP. Shift to VBA 2005-2008. Winforms 2008-2010. Prism work in 2011-12 w/ WPF. WPF/WCF work continues on all gigs till current day. 21-Aug-2019 14:15
Adhoc Submitting candidate to client for this role. 21-Aug-2019 14:12
Adhoc Candidate defers formal submission. Asking agent if we can proceed w/o that. 21-Aug-2019 12:47
Adhoc Candidate was submitted to agent. 21-Aug-2019 12:46
Adhoc Status changed to 2 - Submission Reviewed 20-Aug-2019 20:23
Initial submission. 20-Aug-2019 20:23