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Adhoc Client tables our submission. Had solid skills relative to investigating and identifying FIX issues. However, concern was didn't have as much exposure then figuring out what the down stream implications of that issue would be (solution experience was different than client setup). 12-Aug-2021 18:55
Adhoc Shared candidate prior to L screen to get a sense of fit. 10-Aug-2021 14:03
Adhoc Work History Notables -- In CHI area (Skokie). Developer, et. al. since 90's. Board of Trade and DMR work in late 90's as dev. Low Latency trade sys in 1999-2001. Trading full time in 2005-now (2005-15 one gig on futures using FIX). FIX Arch in 2016, 2017-19, 2019 to now? (some gaps).. 09-Aug-2021 13:09
Initial submission. 09-Aug-2021 13:05