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Adhoc Client tables submission over concern that the end client work is rather 'heavy' so satellite connectivity won't probably work. Also, they tend to have off hour calls so if someone is working multiple gigs that might become overly complex. 11-Oct-2021 20:13
Adhoc Shared submission to client. 04-Oct-2021 16:35
Adhoc Candidate resubmits 9/28. Schedule L screen. 01-Oct-2021 14:49
Adhoc Candidate isn't willing to complete submission. 27-Aug-2021 16:18
Adhoc Work History Notables -- 28+ years. 2016-18 Xamarin exposure. 2015-16 UWP. 27-Aug-2021 15:41
Initial submission. 27-Aug-2021 15:34