Event Comments Date
Closing per agent (end client withdrew need). We will keep you in mind for similar. 10-Dec-2018 16:20
Still going. No notable traction though. Pipeline still hasn't changed in recent weeks. 06-Dec-2018 14:20
Still open per agent. No new candidates in pipeline since 11/14. 23-Nov-2018 14:11
Per agent, this is now active (had been tabled for a bit). End-client now seems to have some urgency around the role. 09-Nov-2018 14:06
Status changed to 1-Active 09-Nov-2018 14:06
Closing based on lack of feedback from client. Will reopen if that changes. 25-Oct-2018 13:24
Still in limbo (no change in pool overall at agent since 10/10). I'm going to close this based on lack of feedback. 25-Oct-2018 13:24
Still in limbo here. 18-Oct-2018 11:46
Status changed to WFF 11-Oct-2018 19:20
Not sure what is going on. Pinged VMS today. Our submissions are the only ones in pool active at this point. Trying to clarify if the lack of movement is a sense of gaps in our submission. If so, I'll post out here. In the interim, holding. 11-Oct-2018 19:19
Still open per agent. 04-Oct-2018 11:46
Setting this to "B" rating as agent indicates this is sole sourced to them (so just us and 5 other vendors) 20-Sep-2018 10:37
Lead Created 19-Sep-2018 17:55