Event Comments Date
Closing this out. Per agent no feedback from client lately. We'll reopen if they come back to us (assuming they are closing on another). 13-Dec-2018 13:55
Moving this to hold as we wait for hiring manager feedback. Talked to a candidate today (not ours) that interviewed last week and is waiting for feedback (so concern they might be close to offer). 03-Dec-2018 18:08
Our submission was already in client system. We are checking if this candidate had solid fit or not (and if we should keep going). 29-Nov-2018 18:31
Still open. Continue sourcing. 15-Nov-2018 14:44
Update position for f2f, relo -- f2f is required (last round) but is covered. Relo is covered for the right candidate. Remote work/telecommute is not allowed (outside of limited instances for short periods of time). 06-Nov-2018 21:00
Lead Created 06-Nov-2018 19:42