Event Comments Date
Confirmed that internal referral accepted offer here. So closing this out. Thanks for submitting! 04-Apr-2019 17:28
Still waiting on formal direction to close this from client (hire confirmation) 04-Apr-2019 14:01
Waiting for hiring manager to return next week to confirm this has been filled (or not) 28-Mar-2019 12:44
Hold on this. Client indicates they are close to offer on an employee referral for this position. We'll reopen (or close) if we can confirm this isn't the case. 25-Mar-2019 17:51
Our solid candidate withdrew today (got an offer for 100% remote). So we'll reopen shortlisting here. Given how long this lead has run we may repost (new number) to get a new pool. Will email all pool if that is the case. 21-Mar-2019 15:01
Client clarifies the telecommute requirements. In short, they need 2-3 days a week onsite to start for a few weeks but then they can switch to one onsite a month (2-3 day duration) for the long term. So if this helps any candidates re-assess this option let me know. 13-Mar-2019 15:53
Client tables our submission on 2nd screen. Felt the years overall were fine BUT the depth w/ SSIS specifically was too light (~ 1 year) 25-Feb-2019 17:52
Client tables submission due to coming in notably above their target $/year budget for the role (concern candidate wouldn't be happy). 20-Feb-2019 20:38
Shared profile to client. See if the complexity of a candidate who is out of country can be worked out. 13-Feb-2019 17:03
Hiring manager pushing back on submissions that don't have DW/BI focus with their ETL work (just ETL outside of DW/BI isn't sufficient) 06-Feb-2019 16:52
Hiring manager confirms the depth with SSIS is not sufficient with our recent submission. Tabling based on that. 31-Jan-2019 14:31
Hiring manager says keep going. Have 1 candidate that they 'semi' liked but has rescheduled interview twice (so unclear if that will pan out). 31-Jan-2019 14:30
Still going. Pinged hiring manager for overall status (1 candidate in front of him; slow on feedback). 31-Jan-2019 14:26
Hiring manager tables our submission on grounds that not having depth in either DW/BI and/or SSIS is a show stopper. 24-Jan-2019 13:35
Still waiting on feedback from hiring manager (swamped with other items in client) 24-Jan-2019 12:44
Waiting to hear from hiring manager if they want to consider candidates that are not currently local (after we had one back out a few weeks back). 21-Jan-2019 20:34
Soft submit a local candidate to hiring manager to see how flexible they are on SSIS depth if candidate is local (has some but not alot; willing to learn) 15-Jan-2019 18:40
Soft submit a non-local candidate to client to check if they want to consider non-locals (relocation based candidates) or not. 15-Jan-2019 18:33
Candidate withdraws as wanted 100% remote (role requires 2-3 days onsite a week) 15-Jan-2019 13:45
Tabling submission. After talking to client hiring manager they affirmed that modeling exposure is key (candidate we screened was light there). So modeling and SSIS based ETL. 10-Jan-2019 19:04
Status changed to 1-Active 08-Jan-2019 01:32
Candidate we had going to final interview onsite withdraws -- got another offer. So we are reopening this. 08-Jan-2019 01:22
Waiting for feedback from onsite interview (1/11) prior to assessing more options to submit here. 03-Jan-2019 15:08
Candidate still trying to schedule onsite (continue to hold) 27-Dec-2018 13:54
Move to hold as we wait for feedback from onsite interview for candidate (slated for 12/26) 20-Dec-2018 15:24
Candidate going to 2nd interview w/ end client later this week. 11-Dec-2018 23:23
Client likes paper of recent submission (local, 10+ years, etc) and is checking w/ VP on interview interest. 06-Dec-2018 17:28
Tabling candidate that wouldn't share ballpark $/year salary goals. 06-Dec-2018 17:28
Client tables candidate for base goal ($/yr) being over 150k (so factor that into if you apply) 06-Dec-2018 17:27
End client confirms they need to know ballpark base salary goals if/when convert to FTE up front. 03-Dec-2018 14:31
Still active. Talked w/ hiring manager yesterday. 28-Nov-2018 13:09
Status changed to 1-Active 27-Nov-2018 16:26
Hiring manager clarifies that relocation candidates would be considered (being in WI or roots in the area is just a nice to have). 23-Nov-2018 17:30
Haven't shared any candidates yet. Still looking for local options (or those that have roots in area but willing to relo). 21-Nov-2018 16:01
Checking if final step of interview process (onsite interview) is paid for by end client. 16-Nov-2018 16:04
Lead Created 16-Nov-2018 15:07