Event Comments Date
Candidate going to 2nd interview w/ end client later this week. 11-Dec-2018 23:23
Client likes paper of recent submission (local, 10+ years, etc) and is checking w/ VP on interview interest. 06-Dec-2018 17:28
Tabling candidate that wouldn't share ballpark $/year salary goals. 06-Dec-2018 17:28
Client tables candidate for base goal ($/yr) being over 150k (so factor that into if you apply) 06-Dec-2018 17:27
End client confirms they need to know ballpark base salary goals if/when convert to FTE up front. 03-Dec-2018 14:31
Still active. Talked w/ hiring manager yesterday. 28-Nov-2018 13:09
Status changed to 1-Active 27-Nov-2018 16:26
Hiring manager clarifies that relocation candidates would be considered (being in WI or roots in the area is just a nice to have). 23-Nov-2018 17:30
Haven't shared any candidates yet. Still looking for local options (or those that have roots in area but willing to relo). 21-Nov-2018 16:01
Checking if final step of interview process (onsite interview) is paid for by end client. 16-Nov-2018 16:04
Lead Created 16-Nov-2018 15:07