Event Comments Date
Closing this per agent. 24-Jan-2019 14:27
Pinged agent for status here. 24-Jan-2019 13:48
Still open. Client still has no options. Continue to source. 17-Jan-2019 14:45
Still open per VMS. No submissions (from anyone) in play. So wide open. 10-Jan-2019 15:04
Still going. Per VMS they still don't have ANY options here. So wide open. 03-Jan-2019 12:46
Still going per agent 31-Dec-2018 15:55
Still wide open here (client has no submissions). I poked them to see if they might consider someone w/ just Android (right now SFDC API and Android is required). 20-Dec-2018 15:29
Still going per agent. No submissions in pipeline at all (wide open). 06-Dec-2018 14:28
Checking w/ agent on if there is any travel (outside of primary location in Indianapolis). 21-Nov-2018 18:03
Lead Created 21-Nov-2018 17:54