Event Comments Date
End client confirms they have hired someone. Thanks for submitting. We'll keep you in mind for similar. 17-May-2019 14:02
Checking w/ agent on if still going here. Current question to hiring manager is (1) what level of network complexity in prior roles is sufficient (2) would a pure play contractor work to start. 09-May-2019 13:09
Confirmed w/ client still looking as of yesterday. Have a candidate we are trying to setup a screen. 11-Apr-2019 13:08
Hiring manager confirms they are still looking on this one. 18-Mar-2019 13:35
Pinged agent to check on status. 14-Mar-2019 12:35
Pinged agent to see if this is still going. Reply from him -- Yes, still active and searching. 28-Feb-2019 13:54
Still going. Client turned down our submission. They continue to want someone that can be c2h or direct hire. 14-Feb-2019 13:32
Submitting candidate to end client. Great depth around Ansible product (last gig implementing from scratch for a client was key). 06-Feb-2019 17:37
Agent reviewed our submissions (2) today and asked us to screen one. Seems to be the Ansible detail is what is intriguing (difference between two candidates). 06-Feb-2019 16:49
Updated description of one candidate the end client liked to assist finding similar. 01-Feb-2019 14:45
Still no update from hiring manager (agent pinged last week). We'll request another poke now. 31-Jan-2019 14:28
Pinged agent for update here. 24-Jan-2019 13:49
Pinging agent to get latest status (still open? etc.) 17-Jan-2019 14:47
Candidate tabled after screen w/ Amplified as was clearly lip syncing to someone else answering the questions. No question. 12-Jan-2019 21:17
Agent confirms hiring manager still looking. No notable candidates in pipeline. Continue to search. 09-Jan-2019 22:44
Still searching. Added check on qualification list to make sure candidate is ok with solutions focused on 100% on-premise networking solutions (client had some submissions back out due to that recently). 07-Jan-2019 13:26
Client hiring manager wanted to interview someone that looked like this --> 11+ years. Last gig 2yrs AWS/CloudFormation. Ansible 2014-15. Terraform 2015-17. Arch role last gig. Linux admin to start 2007-11. CI/CD 2012-14. 03-Jan-2019 13:35
Candidate client wanted to interview from us has been withdrawn. Per agent got an offer last week. Continue to source. Ideal candidate looks something like this candidate (submission 16856). 03-Jan-2019 13:34
Still going. Client asked to interview candidate yesterday from us. So definitely willingness to move by hiring manager (they don't have solid options in pipeline yet). 03-Jan-2019 12:47
Still searching. Same filters. 27-Dec-2018 13:56
Agent submitted our candidate to hiring manager today HOWEVER not expecting feedback from them till after new years. 21-Dec-2018 16:31
Refocusing role (based on feedback on client interviews of candidates this week) on network automation based on Ansible. So less about DevOps and Apps. More about configuration management across a global network of network devices. I'll table submissions so far based on that (if you want me to reconsider let me know). 19-Dec-2018 18:55
Sharing submission to client to see if dated Ansible (but at depth; 2 years back) is compelling w/ a DevOps flavor. 19-Dec-2018 18:45
All candidates submitted so far have been put on hold or tabled (too light in IaC focus/experience). Please continue to source candidates with more depth focus on IaC 11-Dec-2018 16:05
Based on candidates screened/submitted the key is someone that has done notable ENTERPRISE scale scripting work to enable infrastructure deployment/configuration/security in the cloud (AWS or Azure). Scripting to do CI/CD aspects is a plus but shouldn't be the core of the candidates recent work. 11-Dec-2018 14:56
Hold on submission. Agent want to see if others have more exposure with similar scale (# of servers > 250, etc.) and more liaison work with CxO levels. 06-Dec-2018 20:28
This is still going. Hot lead. 06-Dec-2018 14:32
Agent tables our submission off tech screen. Felt the depth around IaC aspects of role (ansible, terraform, etc.) was too light to lead what the client needed. 04-Dec-2018 13:55
Lead Created 29-Nov-2018 20:32