Event Comments Date
All candidates submitted so far have been put on hold or tabled (too light in IaC focus/experience). Please continue to source candidates with more depth focus on IaC 11-Dec-2018 16:05
Based on candidates screened/submitted the key is someone that has done notable ENTERPRISE scale scripting work to enable infrastructure deployment/configuration/security in the cloud (AWS or Azure). Scripting to do CI/CD aspects is a plus but shouldn't be the core of the candidates recent work. 11-Dec-2018 14:56
Hold on submission. Agent want to see if others have more exposure with similar scale (# of servers > 250, etc.) and more liaison work with CxO levels. 06-Dec-2018 20:28
This is still going. Hot lead. 06-Dec-2018 14:32
Agent tables our submission off tech screen. Felt the depth around IaC aspects of role (ansible, terraform, etc.) was too light to lead what the client needed. 04-Dec-2018 13:55
Lead Created 29-Nov-2018 20:32