Event Comments Date
Per agent, closing this out as it was filled internally by end client. I'll loop back if that changes. 11-Mar-2019 19:17
Agent updates that manager is reviewing resumes. Move to hold. 11-Mar-2019 18:27
Continue to hold on this lead. Still open per VMS but no movement in pipeline on job since around 2/21. Unclear on why. 07-Mar-2019 21:57
Pinged agent on status. No movement (interviews, etc) for anyone since 2/13. So not sure if this one has actually gone to backburner. So we'll move it to hold for now till we hear back. 28-Feb-2019 14:04
Still going per agent. No movement of note. 1 new submission to pool last week, 1 tabled. No new interviews. 21-Feb-2019 14:45
Shared another candidate (2 in play now) to agent. This one is local w/ prior history (10+ years) w/ end client so hold for now and see if there is interest. 20-Feb-2019 20:14
Client tables our submission (sees as backup; close but not strong enough). Felt the Modernization experience was ok (gap on dc migration). Felt communication area was light (lack stakeholder mgmt depth, score cards, various styles for various levels) felt KPI exposure was light (not setting KPI for overall team, performance reviews). Risk mgmt seemed light (ID, priority). Charter definition was light. 13-Feb-2019 15:34
Client scheduled call w/ our submission yesterday BUT then didn't make it. Checking to see whats going on. NO response yet. Hold on further action till have clarification. 13-Feb-2019 12:41
Agent confirms they are wanting to focus candidates that are currently local given the last offer backed out. 07-Feb-2019 21:30
Status changed to 1-Active 07-Feb-2019 20:29
Client just reopened this (candidate they selected picked a different offer). 07-Feb-2019 20:28
Agent confirms they filled this (not ours) so we'll close out. Thanks for submitting. We'll keep you in mind for similar. 20-Jan-2019 13:51
Agent confirms they are still reviewing submissions/resumes in front of them. Waiting for feedback from that. Hold till then. 18-Jan-2019 20:16
Status changed to WFF 14-Jan-2019 17:31
Shared another candidate to the agent today. Probably move to hold on this now (hiring manager is reviewing profiles today for next set of interviews). We'll reopen if they ask for more options. 14-Jan-2019 17:31
Reopening. Per VMS, need to reopen this. 1 of the 2 candidates offers were made to backed out. So need another candidate (1 slot remains). 10-Jan-2019 18:36
Status changed to 1-Active 10-Jan-2019 18:35
VMS confirms we should close this out for now (will reopen if the offers dont pan out). 03-Jan-2019 14:05
Continue to hold here. Looks like 2 offers went out. Pinged VMS to see if we should close given that. 03-Jan-2019 12:54
Continue to hold. 5 more submitted to agent since last update. 3 additional screens (1 survived). So more candidates in play (none ours). 16-Dec-2018 14:21
Agent interviewed 6 others since last update (tabled 4 of those) so assume 2 in play. Hold on this. 13-Dec-2018 13:58
Shared 1 candidate to agent. Continue to source as 3 positions. 07-Dec-2018 15:20
Lead Created 04-Dec-2018 19:59