Event Comments Date
Client closes this (not filled; withdrawn). Thanks for submitting. We'll loop back if it reopens. 04-Mar-2019 23:36
Still no changes (new submissions). PCF is a nice to have at this point. Pinged agent to confirm still open. Agent confirms checking with end client but asked us to keep going (as earlier communication from buyer was a high priority need). 28-Feb-2019 14:10
No change since last time (so still open but no new candidates). 14-Feb-2019 15:20
Still going but not change in pipeline (no new submissions -- so seems dormant). 04-Feb-2019 14:16
Still going. No new submissions (pipe open) since last week. 24-Jan-2019 14:04
One candidate in play since last week. Continue to source. 17-Jan-2019 14:51
Updated posting based on feedback from agent. PCF is nice to have now. Paired programming will be used. React is a plus. 14-Jan-2019 19:20
Still going per agent. Call today to clarify requirement (might loosen some of the barriers on shortlisting) 10-Jan-2019 15:07
Client drops PCF as a requirement. Java on cloud is the minimum now (ideally w/ PCF and/or Big Data exposure). The filters around work authorization are still there (defense contract). 08-Jan-2019 01:00
Still going with no pipeline (1 submitted but declined). So interested in more options. 03-Jan-2019 12:58
Still going per agent 27-Dec-2018 13:56
Rate up by 7.5 per agent. Targeting 1st week of Jan start. 13-Dec-2018 22:00
Still wide open. No submissions since posted on 12/5. 13-Dec-2018 13:59
Lead Created 06-Dec-2018 00:41