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Our candidate client went to offer on didn't work out in final checks. So this is reopened. Client re-affirmed targeting candidates that are currently local to Milwaukee (maybe those that would do onsite interview at that cost). Well be re-assessing candidates in pool given that. 11-Jan-2019 19:58
Status changed to 1-Active 11-Jan-2019 19:56
Client tables candidate. This is now reopened. 11-Jan-2019 19:55
Continue to hold. Hiring manager is still getting approvals but looks like they are moving forward w/ our guy that interviewed last week. 10-Jan-2019 15:19
Hiring manager is doing 2nd interview with our candidate today. Continue to hold here (they also were 'close' on a couple prior so it seems they have enough options to make a decision). 03-Jan-2019 13:20
Client is talking to a candidate this week onsite. We'll see how that plays out (hold till then) 02-Jan-2019 21:14
Shared candidate to hiring manager this a.m. He replied back that they have 1-2 candidates that look strong (might move on one today). So move this to hold. Should have an update later today if they want more options. 27-Dec-2018 15:46
Shared candidate to hiring manager this a.m. 27-Dec-2018 15:44
Still going 27-Dec-2018 13:59
Lead Created 26-Dec-2018 17:09