Event Comments Date
No feedback from client yet on our submission (but was over rate target). I'll ping the agent to see if that is the issue. 16-Jan-2019 21:52
Status changed to WFF 16-Jan-2019 21:51
Still going. 3 candidates in play (none interviewed). So we'll continue to hold here. 10-Jan-2019 15:20
Status changed to WFF 07-Jan-2019 18:03
Shared candidate to agent. Local and pretty solid so we'll move this one to hold. Only gap that the candidate has is a bit over target rate. 07-Jan-2019 17:46
Continue to source here. Goal is to share 1-2 candidates to VMS tomorrow (1/4) as that is the original cutoff shared by the hiring manager. 03-Jan-2019 13:21
Lead Created 01-Jan-2019 18:48