Event Comments Date
Client confirms they have a candidate in front of the hiring manager. So closing this out. We'll reopen this IF they come back and indicate that candidate fell through. 02-Apr-2019 21:44
Still going per agent. No change in pipeline since then from we can tell (overall). 28-Mar-2019 12:45
Reopening this per end client. Hiring manager needs to fill ASAP. Could be a multi-year position (so submit only if you are open to a long term commitment). 11-Mar-2019 19:19
Status changed to 1-Active 11-Mar-2019 19:18
Move to hold per agent. Has enough submissions now. We'll reopen if that changes. 07-Feb-2019 14:59
Still no movement (no new submissions) since last week. Continue. 31-Jan-2019 14:40
No new submissions since last week. 2 screens though (on prior submissions) which were both tabled. So still open here. 24-Jan-2019 14:09
4 submitted since last update. 1 interview. So 3 or so in play. 17-Jan-2019 17:02
Still going per agent. Call today to clarify requirement (might loosen some of the barriers on shortlisting) 10-Jan-2019 15:21
Agent confirms client is pushing for options. Willing to just look at big data on any cloud at this point. 08-Jan-2019 00:53
Shifted Azure specifically to nice to have. Added attribute to cloud generically as 'must have'. 08-Jan-2019 00:52
Lead Created 04-Jan-2019 10:48