Event Comments Date
Agent confirms this is put on hold. We'll reopen if / when they decide to look at this again. 08-Feb-2019 18:37
No change in lead (no no submissions, interviews) since last week. 1 might be in play (Unclear). 07-Feb-2019 15:01
Two new submissions last week but looks like both declined. Continue sourcing. 31-Jan-2019 14:43
No new submissions since last week. 1 screen (tabled). So still open (2 others in play from earlier but probably not of interest given screen last week on new candidate). 24-Jan-2019 14:11
Agent shares aspects of Tableau that they want to make sure all candidates exposure to. Updated skill list to include. Tableau seems to be becoming more key. 18-Jan-2019 17:41
Two candidates in play right now (in interview process). Stay open for now (see if tabled or not). 17-Jan-2019 17:00
Still going per agent. Call today to clarify requirement (might loosen some of the barriers on shortlisting) 10-Jan-2019 15:22
Lead Created 07-Jan-2019 02:10