Event Comments Date
Agent confirms this is closed out (has been filled by another vendor) 28-Feb-2019 20:33
Still on hold. One candidate screened by agent since last week. 21-Feb-2019 14:47
Status changed to WFF 15-Feb-2019 14:41
Shared submission to candidate. Looked pretty solid outside light standard costing and configuration exposure. We'll see if that is an issue. 15-Feb-2019 14:39
Candidate backed out of offer. Need candidates urgently by End of Week. Rate now higher. 13-Feb-2019 12:00
Status changed to 1-Active 13-Feb-2019 11:58
Closing as of now as client has options 27-Jan-2019 06:30
Still looking for candidates with std costing and multi org 21-Jan-2019 16:45
Waiting for feedback on submission. 1 active submission. 14-Jan-2019 12:03
Agent tables our submission. Need to be more functional lead in bias with depth in costing, and multi-org. 11-Jan-2019 20:00
Only Pure Functional Resources. Client needs more resumes 09-Jan-2019 15:59
Updated requirement with additional info 09-Jan-2019 13:44
Lead Created 07-Jan-2019 11:56