Event Comments Date
Closing this. Hiring manager confirms they have a guy (not ours) that offer is out to (supposed to start Monday). We'll reopen if that falls through. 16-Jan-2019 19:46
Move this back to active per client. They have confirmed candidates MUST be currently local to area. Key skill is o365 so resume needs to reflect a focus there. 15-Jan-2019 15:07
Status changed to 1-Active 15-Jan-2019 15:06
Client tables our submission. Confirms they are wanting someone currently local (no relo's). 15-Jan-2019 14:59
Agent is screening our candidate tomorrow. So we'll see how that plays out to assess if we do more submissions. 10-Jan-2019 15:23
Status changed to WFF 09-Jan-2019 17:58
Shared a non-local candidate to the client today. 5+ years doing solely MSFT Exchange/AD/o365 consulting. So we'll need to similar with a currently local candidate to submit another (otherwise we'll hold on this). Hiring manager just confirmed that there is six others submitted (so 7 with ours) at this point. 09-Jan-2019 17:58
Added AWS to the qualification list (nice to have) 07-Jan-2019 19:59
Lead Created 07-Jan-2019 18:17