Event Comments Date
14-Feb-2019 16:44
Offer out to our candidate. So no further submissions required. We'll reopen if we need to. 14-Feb-2019 16:44
Still processing that candidate w/ client. Looks solid. Continue to hold. 07-Feb-2019 15:03
Our submission completed screen by client. Technical passable for role. Need to complete reference checks however. Requested that today. 31-Jan-2019 18:13
One candidate interviewed. 2 active submissions with client. Putting on hold until we hear back from client 31-Jan-2019 08:09
Client requests interview with our submission. Trying to schedule. 28-Jan-2019 18:11
Updated posting based on feedback from manager. Also, given the end client's bad experiences with Nagarjuna, Andhra, Osmania universities we'll hold on candidates w/ that background. End client hasn't responded yet to candidate shared on 1/24. 25-Jan-2019 21:26
Sharing a candidate to hiring manager for review. Good focus on scripting, AD, and infra support. No cloud though. We'll see how they respond to that. 24-Jan-2019 12:49
Hiring manager clarifies that they will consider solid app support background, windows sql ... even if light on windows admin specifically. Want to move quickly. Have a bias against candidates from JNTU (so probably would hold on candidates with that background). 22-Jan-2019 19:17
Client tables our submission. Wants someone lead in lead roles and more in the trenches 100%. 22-Jan-2019 19:14
Shared a candidate (local; 20+ years) to the hiring team today. Hold and gauge feedback off that (candidate is broad but not deep in specific areas -- so testing if specific areas on skill list are actually critical to have focus in). 22-Jan-2019 14:01
Lead Created 17-Jan-2019 16:45