Event Comments Date
Cancelled by end client. 02-May-2019 13:48
Still waiting on feedback on candidate in play (continue to hold) 18-Apr-2019 14:24
Moving this to hold. Agent just confirmed they have a candidate in front of the hiring manager. We'll reopen if this falls through. 04-Apr-2019 21:43
Repinged agent to reconfirm still open (for now assume it is). 04-Apr-2019 21:17
Continue to source. Only 1 new candidate submitted since last update and looks like they were declined. Still open. 04-Apr-2019 14:04
Updated lead profile to match update from agent 27-Mar-2019 19:38
Agent clarifies that the keys are (1) Python and (2) Java. Big Data systems exposure with those tools is the other aspect of note. Still open and aggressively looking. 27-Mar-2019 19:18
Agent confirms this is still open (no qualified candidates). I have asked what candidates to date have been missing. 25-Mar-2019 19:18
No movement since last update interview wise. 3 candidates were submitted but all three rejected. Checking w/ agent on status. 25-Mar-2019 18:58
Some movement here since last update. 3 new submissions, 2 screened, 4 tabled. Looks like 2 might be still in play. 14-Mar-2019 12:40
Four submitted since last update but looks like they were all declined. Continue to source. 28-Feb-2019 14:24
Since agent asked for more options (candidate that they went to offer backed out on 2/15~) four new candidates have been submitted but looks like they were tabled (no new interviews). So seems to be still open. 21-Feb-2019 14:58
Looks like 7 people were submitted (and then tabled) since last update. So still open and keep going. 14-Feb-2019 16:51
Agent confirms Java depth ('stable' or better) is required for role in addition to Python. 07-Feb-2019 18:29
Shared submission to agent informally to get feedback on how key -- local, work auth status, and/or java depth are to shortlisting. 07-Feb-2019 14:38
Lead Created 05-Feb-2019 19:39