Event Comments Date
Agent confirms this has been filled (not by us; internal resource). Thanks for submitting. We'll keep you in mind for similar. 28-May-2019 17:20
Pinged agent yesterday around status/rate. 23-May-2019 14:10
Agent requests more candidates. Still need a backfill. They will screen the candidate we shared last week but felt the candidate was too functional. Ideally they want a candidate that is both (technical and functional is the focus now -- was more functional bias originally). Also wanted more depth around PCBS. 09-May-2019 13:47
Still waiting for client to move on candidates shared. Continue to hold here. 09-May-2019 13:12
Still going. No new interviews since they requested more options. We are holding for that. 02-May-2019 13:49
Reopening this. End client just made offer to our candidate submitted back in march but doesn't look like he is still available. GIven that we'll reopen this for a bit to see if they want to consider a backfill to that option. The candidate they went to offer on looked like this -- 15+ years, Around Hyperion/Essbase since early 2000's (delivery and management roles). Last 5 years focused on EPM lead/arch roles (Hyperion Planning, HSF, Essbase, DRM, HPCM, etc). 26-Apr-2019 11:31
Status changed to 1-Active 26-Apr-2019 11:27
Still open on VMS. 3 others interviewed since 3/16. So unclear if need more options. 03-Apr-2019 17:24
Closing. One active submission but client has gone quiet 28-Mar-2019 06:21
Holding here as we wait to see if client moves on a solid candidate we shared that cleared 1st 2 screens. 25-Mar-2019 18:53
Client reconsidering our over rate point (+10) candidate. 11-Mar-2019 14:15
One candidates of ours interviewed with Agent. Awaiting feedback 11-Mar-2019 07:18
Client tables our submission. Need to have candidates currently in the US. Concern (for all positions) is TN visas are not easy to acquire and/or stable right now. 05-Mar-2019 18:37
One candidate submitted. Looking for more options. 04-Mar-2019 05:34
Shared submission to the agent to see if they will consider someone 10/hr over target max rate. 01-Mar-2019 14:27
Lead Created 21-Feb-2019 16:07