Event Comments Date
Hiring manager confirmed today that the offer they extended to another candidate last week has been accepted. Thanks for submitting. 20-May-2019 19:04
Still trying to connect to hiring manager after sharing submission over last week. 14-May-2019 12:54
Working to schedule a call between a commute candidate and hiring manager. Still open. 09-May-2019 13:13
Agent is talking w/ hiring manager on Friday. We are running a semi-local candidate (120 miles away) by him to see if some form of remote might be considered. 02-May-2019 13:50
Client tables our submission that was solid on embedded systems work as his background was mostly on windows OS and they want someone like him but w/ a Linux background. 22-Apr-2019 19:54
Client interviewing candidate from us on Friday. Hold to see how this goes. 18-Apr-2019 14:26
Client tables our submission due to lack of C++ specific embedded system delivery on Linux platform. 18-Apr-2019 14:25
Still quite active. Shared 1 candidate to hiring manager today but gaps around embedded experience depth (so need more options). 04-Apr-2019 14:05
Client confirms they 'might' consider contract to hire in the future but not right now. 25-Mar-2019 18:50
Manager is open to c2h but not the ideal solution. So continue to look. 22-Mar-2019 22:11
Checking with client if c2h would be considered. Pinged agent for status as well. 21-Mar-2019 15:25
Lead Created 05-Mar-2019 14:18