Event Comments Date
Closing lead. Heard from agent that they extended an offer this a.m. to another candidate. 26-Apr-2019 17:58
Status changed to 1-Active 26-Apr-2019 17:58
Move this to hold. Two candidates in play now from us. 26-Apr-2019 17:21
Looking for Data Power + API Development (i.e. REST) so moving that up in attributes targeted. 19-Apr-2019 14:56
Client reopens this lead. Ready to review resumes now. 19-Apr-2019 14:08
Status changed to 1-Active 19-Apr-2019 14:08
Closing as end client has officially tabled this for now. Thanks for submitting. 05-Apr-2019 18:47
Still no formal update from VMS (agent) that this is closed (only comment from lead screener implies it is). Continue to hold. 28-Mar-2019 12:49
Per agent this is going on hold. We'll loop back if they reopen it. Not sure why its going on hold. 25-Mar-2019 14:52
Still going. Talking to one of our submissions today (1st screen). 21-Mar-2019 15:26
Update target years to 10 (or currently local to Atlanta) 20-Mar-2019 16:24
Lead Created 13-Mar-2019 13:45