Event Comments Date
Client filled roles. CLose out. 02-May-2019 14:16
End client still looking. Three slots specifically: Modeler, Engineer, Analyst. Plus strong BI Stack (Azure+). 23-Apr-2019 16:07
Still going per agent. Confirmed that end client needs strong data modeling experience in an OLAP setting (so a ETL focused resource historically wont work). 10-Apr-2019 16:08
The lead has been out on the street for ‘awhile’ according to the hiring manager but they weren’t seeing solid options so they asked us to get involved. 26-Mar-2019 17:42
End client is targeting candidates starting in mid-May ideally. Will be a simple two stage interview with them (one phone, then onsite). 24-Mar-2019 15:10
Lead Created 24-Mar-2019 14:57