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Closing this as end client decided to table the role for now. Thanks for submitting. We'll loop back if it reopens.a 12-Aug-2019 18:06
Moving this to hold as we wait for confirmation from hiring manager that this is still a need. 18-Jul-2019 19:41
No change in overall pipeline since last update. Pinging agent to see if still active. 09-Jul-2019 14:33
Still going. 3 new submissions since last update but all declined (so still wide open). 27-Jun-2019 14:15
Still going. No change in pipeline. Teradata local is key. 13-Jun-2019 13:06
No change in pipeline (no new submissions) per agent -- still open. Continue to source. 30-May-2019 12:22
Agent reconfirms that Teradata is required (DB scripting work in other platforms like ORCL/SS won't work). 21-May-2019 16:25
Agent passes on a local candidate with very solid experience BUT only 1 year (and 2 internships). So need more years than that. 21-May-2019 16:02
Agent confirms rate is firm (can't go above it as its a backfill). 14-May-2019 21:30
Based on recent feedback we updated skill list to have Teradata, REST, Scripting as 'required' 14-May-2019 15:43
Agent confirms this backfill is still open. Might consider over rate IF candidate hit all core and niche (i.e. Teradata) aspects. 13-May-2019 16:29
Status changed to 1-Active 13-May-2019 13:04
Still open. No submissions active in client pool though -- so worth trying to submit someone I suspect. 13-May-2019 13:02
Still open and no movement in terms of interviews, etc. since last update. 02-May-2019 13:52
Status changed to WFF 25-Apr-2019 12:38
Looks like 2 are in play (2 interviewed; 5 rejected by vms). So move this to hold unless a currently local candidate comes up. 25-Apr-2019 12:38
Lead Created 11-Apr-2019 17:47