Event Comments Date Delete
Closing as client has filled this internally 07-Sep-2019 02:30
2 of out candidates interviewed by client but did not make the cut. 24-Aug-2019 14:42
Candidate selected but backed out. Re-opening. Interviews guaranteed for qualified candidates 05-Aug-2019 02:09
Status changed to 1-Active 05-Aug-2019 02:07
Putting on hold as interviews of our submission have started. 23-Jul-2019 05:44
Client looking for ONSITE candidates only 16-Jul-2019 15:45
End client asks us to re-open this lead and make another push. 05-Jul-2019 17:59
Status changed to 1-Active 05-Jul-2019 17:59
Client has gone quiet. Closing this for now 16-Jun-2019 05:43
Position still open. Early interviews for right candidates 01-Jun-2019 05:58
Agent confirms we can come up on rate here (so rate up by 12). 18-May-2019 17:16
Requirement is still open 15-May-2019 13:49
Open and urgent requirement 08-May-2019 10:01
Lead Created 28-Apr-2019 06:09