Event Comments Date
Client cancles this today. Indicates they decided they no longer needed the positions. 03-Jul-2019 13:35
Still going. No change since last update though. 27-Jun-2019 14:17
No change in pipeline since last update. Seems to be in hold status. Checking. 13-Jun-2019 13:08
Still going per agent. No change in submissions (no new ones) so wide open. 30-May-2019 12:26
No movement on this since 5/9 (no interviews done). 4 are in play. Not sure if this is a hot item. 23-May-2019 14:14
Still open, however, no movement on those submitted (to screen). 2 in play right now. So not sure when/if end client will move on this. 09-May-2019 13:15
Client will pay travel if candidate is hands on architect level w/ the skills notated. 30-Apr-2019 14:27
Lead Created 29-Apr-2019 17:35