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Closing this. Agent indicated they were shortlisted down to 2 for final decision 10 days back (not ours) so we'll asssume that is done. If they reopen we'll let you know. 18-Jul-2019 14:23
Agent moves this to hold as they review submissions received so far. So we'll hold as well and loop back if they reopen. Will consider a currently local candidate with notable depth in .NET based system testing. Otherwise hold. 09-Jul-2019 13:34
Still going. No change since 7/5. 08-Jul-2019 16:06
No movement since 6/26 (no new screens). 5 new submissions since then. Hiring manager should be back now so we'll look for a 2nd submission. 05-Jul-2019 15:55
Per agent, will potentially be a lull in screening candidates as hiring manager is out till 7/5. Trying to see if there is someone that can review in the interim. 25-Jun-2019 19:50
Lead Created 24-Jun-2019 16:51