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Status changed to 1-Active 01-Aug-2019 13:07
Client went to offer with our candidate. We'll move to hold based on that. Thanks for submitting. 30-Jul-2019 13:05
Client is screening candidate shared last Friday today. We'll see how that goes. 25-Jul-2019 14:04
Shared a candidate last Friday with hiring manager but no update yet (he has been OOO). Lets hold on this till that resolves (get feedback on that person). 18-Jul-2019 14:25
Still looking here. Best candidate we have requires 100% remote (hiring manager is considering that but still prefers onsite). 11-Jul-2019 13:50
Update, client passed on our submission. Feedback from them -- what they really need is C# plus Angular 7 as they are migrating from older versions of Angular to version 7. So that is the key now (from Mongo which is now nice to have). 09-Jul-2019 14:13
Agent confirms they are talking to someone today. Hold for now to see how that pans out. 08-Jul-2019 14:18
Still looking here. Pinged agent to confirm no others in play yet. 08-Jul-2019 13:35
Lead Created 03-Jul-2019 12:36