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Closing this out. Heard from client today that our submission wasn't shortlisted (others going to final interview). We'll reopen if those fall through. 27-Aug-2019 21:04
Submitting candidate to client for this role. Open to being onsite. Focused on WPF since 2011 w/ Prism. Commercial application exposure. 21-Aug-2019 14:12
Re-opening this. Hiring manager confirms they are starting over (candidate that got offer backed out). Focus is on someone with C#/WPF Desktop focus in recent years that can work onsite. 13-Aug-2019 18:22
Agent confirms there is an offer out to another candidate so we'll close this out (assume they accept) and reopen if the deal falls through. 08-Aug-2019 20:56
Client interviewed candidate this week. Waiting for feedback. 08-Aug-2019 12:49
Still going. WPF with a commercial software product is the key still. 25-Jul-2019 14:05
Updated lead profile to reflect what the end client is targeting (w/ target years). 23-Jul-2019 15:34
Re-opening this based on clients tabling of our 2 submissions due to commercial software (lack of). Updated lead to refocus sourcing on the commercial product experience. 23-Jul-2019 14:47
Client tables our submission indicating not enough commercial software development background. 23-Jul-2019 14:44
Did share the aforementioned candidate to client last Friday. No feedback/interest as of yet. Continue to hold for that. 18-Jul-2019 14:26
Hold on further submissions. Have identified a pretty solid candidate that lives near the client. We probably will just submit that candidate. 10-Jul-2019 20:59
Lead Created 10-Jul-2019 13:11