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Closing this out. Seems that the hiring manager is filling the role internally (or has filled it). 04-Oct-2019 15:04
Team reconfirmed still going on Wed. Shared a local candidate (no ERP Backoffice depth however) to see if that might fly. Waiting for feedback on that. 03-Oct-2019 13:27
Continuing to source here per agent/client. 26-Sep-2019 13:19
Still going here. Filters remain the same. 19-Sep-2019 14:58
Lead updated to reflect there are 2 slots here (one senior, one lead). Both need to be currently local. Client is still looking. 16-Sep-2019 19:13
Client tables our submission. Didn't clarify on details that were lacking. Checking on that. 13-Sep-2019 14:45
Still going here. Client is talking to a QA resource from us today (more senior less lead). We'll keep going looking for QA lead w/ ERP process depth in interim. 12-Sep-2019 15:31
Still going here. Shared a candidate last Friday that is under consideration. Supposedly there are two QA roles (2 different clients) w/ the agent. So we'll keep going. 05-Sep-2019 12:31
Still going. Key remains solid focus on QA around ERP (functional) 29-Aug-2019 14:01
Client clarifies role need --> "Need a doer. Able to jump in UAT mid stream and help complete. ERP process/testing depth (i.e. setup of customer, product flow, sales order flow). Help do string (end-to-end) testing flow definition for standard ERP. More of QA/BA around ERP migration. 20-Aug-2019 19:32
Still going per Prime. Onsite still is required. Jr QA is ok. 07-Aug-2019 14:43
Still going. Client passed on candidate they screened on 7/26 due to lack of 'hands on' experience. They want a mix -- a little QA lead depth + hands on. 05-Aug-2019 15:29
As we wait for feedback on candidate screening this week --> Status changed to WFF 23-Jul-2019 15:42
Client is screening one of our submissions. Seem to be leaning towards candidates w/ notable ERP QA migration background (domain depth). We'll know most after they screen this candidate (probably this week). 23-Jul-2019 14:53
Lead Created 16-Jul-2019 13:36