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Agent indicated this need is going on hold. Closing out for now. 17-Oct-2019 13:52
Still going per agent but client is being selective. So needs to be a solid fit and close to location currently. 09-Oct-2019 20:04
Still going here. Filters remain the same. 26-Sep-2019 13:24
Still going per agent. 19-Sep-2019 14:58
Still going here. Filters/Requirements remain the same. 12-Sep-2019 15:35
Still going per agent. We are screening one individual that is local but .NET is a bit rusty. So continue to provide options. 05-Sep-2019 12:35
Still going per agent. 29-Aug-2019 14:03
Still going here per Agent. 15-Aug-2019 19:42
Pinged agent to see what the status is here (no update since last ping). 15-Aug-2019 13:45
Still going per agent. Onsite work required. 08-Aug-2019 12:50
This is a repost of 3539 (that one is filled) as the client asked for a 2nd developer like the first. 25-Jul-2019 20:42
Lead Created 25-Jul-2019 20:39