Event Comments Date
Submitting another candidate w/ QA ETL focus to hiring lead for consideration. 20-Aug-2019 19:11
Hiring manager confirms, for the right candidate, they would consider only 2-4 days on site or 1-2 weeks a month onsite (rest could be remote). 15-Aug-2019 19:43
Client pushes rate down to $80 from $85 13-Aug-2019 12:59
Client tables our submission due to discrepancies in CV/LinkedIN. Continuing to source per them. 08-Aug-2019 12:51
Candidate is talking w/ hiring lead today. 02-Aug-2019 19:09
Client tables our 1st submission after tech screen due to lack of depth on ETL testing processes. 02-Aug-2019 14:06
Lead Created 31-Jul-2019 12:18