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Candidate started. 16-Sep-2019 13:06
Client has moved to offer. Hold on this while we confirm. 12-Sep-2019 15:44
Client is going to 2nd interview with a candidate from us here. Solid odds. Slow play this one till we get 2nd screen for candidate in play done. 05-Sep-2019 22:37
Status changed to WFF 05-Sep-2019 22:36
Still going here. Client is talking to a couple options but not clear if they are slam dunk fits. Continue to source. 05-Sep-2019 12:38
Position remains open. Client is looking for a recent college grad that fits the “smart, passionate, edgy” persona. 2-5 years experience is ideal. 27-Aug-2019 15:36
Checking w/ hiring manager on status. Need to see if they want to consider a contractor for short term while direct hire is found for role. As of last week, hiring manager was still holding off from that path. 22-Aug-2019 14:15
Client confirms they are still going here. 15-Aug-2019 19:44
Shared two candidates to hiring manager. Waiting for feedback. 08-Aug-2019 12:51
Submitting candidate to client (cleared our L screen). Feedback early next week. 07-Aug-2019 15:20
Lead Created 05-Aug-2019 17:12