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Cancelled officially yesterday by end client. Thanks for applying. We'll let you know if it reopens. 27-Mar-2020 13:45
Continue to hold here. No movement w/ hiring manager per agent. Trying to get a meeting to get a sense of what to do (or to pull). 27-Feb-2020 15:17
Pinged agent for status. 27-Feb-2020 14:26
Still going. Client manager reached out yesterday to ask on status of one of our earlier submissions (devOps architect was the angle). 04-Feb-2020 15:09
Moving to hold per agent. Seems hiring manager is getting 'slow down' signals from management. We'll loop back if/when this goes active again. 14-Jan-2020 14:33
Still going per agent. We qualified one candidate this week (tbd if submit). Multiple slots still open. 09-Jan-2020 14:42
Based on recent placements for this need (they have multiple slots to fill) rate here needs to be $110 or less (down from 120) 07-Jan-2020 21:14
Still going here. 26-Dec-2019 15:41
Still rolling along (client is still looking for this skill) 05-Dec-2019 12:28
Confirmed this is still going. Client open to relocation candidates if good skill match. Rate could go up to 120/hr to candidate if perfect fit (expected range of candidates is 70-120 depending on experience). 25-Nov-2019 21:27
Pinged agent to see if still going. 21-Nov-2019 14:35
Still going here. 07-Nov-2019 16:20
Still going here per agent. 17-Oct-2019 13:57
Refocus location to WIchita (vs Minneapolis) as that is what the hiring manager is clearly targetting. 09-Oct-2019 13:54
Have one solid candidate in play BUT hiring manager said 'keep em coming' so we'll leave this open for a bit. 19-Sep-2019 14:59
Still going here. Agent passed on one candidate due to lack of depth w/ AWS migration work specifically. Also wanted more hands on (less lead/arch) 12-Sep-2019 15:46
Client prefers candidates that can work in Wichita but are open to someone working in Minneapolis (have some of the team there as well). 09-Sep-2019 15:16
Still going. Haven't seen any solid options as of yet. I would assume that the end client has broadcast this to other vendors now (used to be exclusive). 05-Sep-2019 12:44
Lead Created 28-Aug-2019 01:46