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Candidate started 10/7 16-Oct-2019 21:19
Shared one candidate (out of NC) to team yesterday. They are reviewing. So we'll slow play till we get feedback there. 03-Oct-2019 13:28
Shift duration to 3 months+ (still will probably go 6+ months but budget process requires 1st contract be 3 months). 19-Sep-2019 14:15
Three candidates submitted, interviews scheduled. Hold on additional candidates until we get some feedback. 17-Sep-2019 20:29
Three qualified candidates under review with the client. Hold off on new submissions until we have feedback. 16-Sep-2019 21:06
One of three role filled. Three candidates in process for remaining two roles. 12-Sep-2019 23:50
Hiring manager reviewed 2 candidates from us. Liked one (local'ish, 10+ years, articulate, java depth). So we'll focus more around those lines for further submissions. 12-Sep-2019 15:50
Updated attributes to include question around ability to be onsite first 2 weeks. 10-Sep-2019 15:37
Core skills profile has been updated. Please continue submitting candidates that meet these core skills: Java 5+ years. SQL 3+ years. Soap/Rest 3+ years. Postgres experience preferred. 09-Sep-2019 19:37
Still going here. Starting to identify options but still early (none submitted). Update w/ client today. 05-Sep-2019 12:46
Increased rate per client inout. 30-Aug-2019 18:53
Lead Created 28-Aug-2019 19:29