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09-Jan-2020 15:54
Status changed to WFF 19-Dec-2019 20:31
Start date moved out to the 1st week of Feb. Slow play. 12-Dec-2019 19:31
Still going. No change in candidates submitted since last update. 11-Nov-2019 02:20
Still going per agent. Talking to a candidate today (light on lead roles though). 21-Oct-2019 13:41
Shared candidate to agent to see if light on lead roles is an issue. Same question on Velcity, Energy/Utility are must haves. 19-Oct-2019 00:40
Work History Notables -- 11+ years. In US in 2016. Dev/Admin around SFDC. Lightning since 2016. No lead roles though. No Vlocity. Did work in Oil (Schlumberger) in 2016. No other Utilities/Energy. 19-Oct-2019 00:32
Lead Created 06-Sep-2019 16:27