Event Comments Date Delete
Verbal out to one of our candidates. Move to hold. 04-Feb-2020 14:45
Still going. Talking to candidate today. 23-Jan-2020 15:35
Still going per hiring manager. 16-Jan-2020 14:20
Shared submission to client to get their high level thoughts (doesn't have react but does have Angular and Drupal). 06-Jan-2020 22:06
Update lead to reflect React/Drupal mix in role. 18-Dec-2019 14:34
Still going. No change in submissions since last update (none of note in play). 12-Dec-2019 14:03
Still going here. 28-Nov-2019 12:03
Client tables our submission. Suspect they want to see more breadth depth if candidate is a relo/visa candidate (i.e. PHP/Drupal/React). 18-Nov-2019 18:21
Client confirms if the candidate is strong enough they would consider relo candidates. 11-Nov-2019 21:43
Checking w/ hiring manager to see if they want to consider non-locals. 11-Nov-2019 16:43
Still going here. Hiring manager remains open to someone w/ just solid PHP base (Drupal is nice to have). 07-Nov-2019 16:31
Still going here. 31-Oct-2019 13:24
Lead Created 23-Oct-2019 23:34