Event Comments Date Delete
Agent confirms client has tabled this so we'll close it out for now. We'll let you know if it reopens. 16-Jan-2020 23:11
Agent indicates they will get an update next week. We'll hold on submissions till then. 09-Jan-2020 15:47
Still going. No change in pipeline since last update. 26-Dec-2019 15:28
Still going per agent 17-Dec-2019 13:59
Reopen this. Rate open. No submissions as of yet. Cost not a barrier. 50% remote, 50% onsite. Expenses paid. Need a couple submissions. 12-Dec-2019 19:36
Status changed to 1-Active 12-Dec-2019 19:36
Still going here. 05-Dec-2019 15:05
Still going per agent. 21-Nov-2019 14:45
Move to hold. Agent confirmed they have an internal candidate. So we'll put this to hold to confirm if that person works (if not we'll reopen). 07-Nov-2019 20:35
Still going. Pipeline is dry (no submissions for client from any vendor right now). 07-Nov-2019 16:35
Lead Created 29-Oct-2019 15:25