Event Comments Date Delete
Client closes this out (no fill by anyone) 23-Jan-2020 15:36
Still going per agent. Still waiting on feedback on two submitted to hiring manager last week. 09-Jan-2020 15:50
Still going. No notable change since last update (1 interviewed, 1 tabled). 26-Dec-2019 15:29
Still going. Rate is firm. Need 2. 12-Dec-2019 19:37
Status changed to 1-Active 12-Dec-2019 19:37
Still going. 5 candidates in screening step now. Move to hold. 12-Dec-2019 14:06
Still going. 05-Dec-2019 15:05
Rate up to 80 (from 70) per agent. Ideally need options to client today. 26-Nov-2019 15:07
Status changed to 1-Active 26-Nov-2019 14:09
Still going per agent. 21-Nov-2019 14:46
Move to hold. Agent confirmed they have 2-3 candidates in testing. So we'll put this to hold to confirm if that works (if not we'll reopen). 07-Nov-2019 20:36
Lead Created 31-Oct-2019 18:51