Event Comments Date Delete
Client closes this out (withdraws; no one selected) 19-Feb-2020 17:25
Still shows open on VMS system but no movement. Continue to hold. 06-Feb-2020 15:03
Still going but unclear on status (not sure if they have locked into anyone yet) 23-Jan-2020 15:40
Still going. Agent asked for more options last week. 09-Jan-2020 15:51
Client tables our submission due to lower score on tech screen versus others in pool. 02-Jan-2020 13:32
Still going. Still seems to be they are reviewing candidates. Since last update 5 new submissions and 8 tabled (6 still in play) 26-Dec-2019 15:34
Tabled by FAI. Completing shortlist of candidates to share to client today. Goal is picking offer candidate by next Friday. 12-Dec-2019 19:43
Move this to hold per agent. Sufficient candidates received. 12-Dec-2019 19:28
Lead Created 09-Dec-2019 21:46