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This is still going. Looks like 8 people are in play. Not clear if they need more options. 27-Mar-2020 13:50
Continue to hold here. Waiting for update from team/hiring manager. 12-Mar-2020 16:00
One candidate at final interview (not ours). Holding till that resolves. 05-Mar-2020 14:39
One candidate in play (technical test underway) but they want more options. 20-Feb-2020 23:20
Status changed to WFF 20-Feb-2020 13:13
Stilll going but not clear how much of a priority this role is (continue to hold) 20-Feb-2020 13:13
Still going. 13-Feb-2020 20:21
Agent updated that end client has interviewed one candidate but they are luke warm on him. Do need to have some core Java and cloud experience as the apps the role will support involves these aspects. 23-Jan-2020 16:47
Update lead to confirm all work authorizations will be considered on this one. 14-Jan-2020 19:39
Lead Created 13-Jan-2020 14:07