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Continue to hold here. Still waiting on client to give final approvals. 20-Feb-2020 13:15
Move this to hold. Agent indicated they are still nailing down budget/approvals for this 2nd role (already placed one). 04-Feb-2020 15:09
Reopening this. The candidate they liked from us took another offer (and they are still working on final approvals). So resuming sourcing. 30-Jan-2020 17:19
Status changed to 1-Active 30-Jan-2020 17:18
I would say the lead is on hold now. They indicated they need to nail down ‘some things’ for this next position before they can pull the trigger. That said, they liked our candidate that screened w/ them today so if that candidate is still available when they get the green light he would get a formal offer (otherwise we’ll reopen it). 29-Jan-2020 21:31
Client went to verbal w/ another of our candidates. There are still 1-2 slots still open. 24-Jan-2020 20:51
Submitting candidate to team. Good depth w/ PowerBI and modeling coupled with solid TSQL examples. 22-Jan-2020 21:52
Lead Created 21-Jan-2020 14:37