Event Comments Date Delete
Cancelled by end client 31-Mar-2020 18:06
Still open in the client's VMS system. We'll continue to slow play this (leave on hold) as we wait to see them make a move on screening candidates. 27-Mar-2020 13:52
Quite a few candidates submitted (none screened yet though) since last update so move to hold to see how those pan out. 12-Mar-2020 16:04
Still going. Had some submissions since last update. We're reviewed by agent but 10 still in play w/ no interviews. Unclear on what gap is in those 10. 05-Mar-2020 14:46
Still going here. Now 12 active in pool. Unclear why they aren't moving on this (question into agent) 27-Feb-2020 14:43
Still open here. No candidates interviewed yet however 8 in pool. This is a sole source gig so keep sourcing. 20-Feb-2020 13:19
Lead Created 13-Feb-2020 22:11