Event Comments Date Delete
Pinged agent for update. Confirmed still on hold. 31-Mar-2020 17:49
Continue to hold. Hiring manager is not responding. We'll reopen when/if he does. 27-Mar-2020 13:47
Shared candidate to client. 17-Mar-2020 22:06
Client moves this to hold as they work out internally how to enable their staff to work remotely. We'll check back with them in 5-10 days. 17-Mar-2020 22:04
Reopening this. Candidate submitted was deemed 'overqualified' so we'll resume screening. 12-Mar-2020 16:16
Status changed to 1-Active 12-Mar-2020 16:15
Continue to hold. Ping agent for update. 12-Mar-2020 16:06
Have someone interviewing at client tomorrow. Hold till we get feedback on that. 27-Feb-2020 21:49
Agent confirms that its a 100% onsite required for employees. M-F; normal hours 7:45 to 4:15. 18-Feb-2020 20:34
Agent tables a submission due to desire for 100% contract (no hire). Seems they are trying to back fill a contractor. Also commented years might of been too many (12+). 18-Feb-2020 19:39
Lead Created 14-Feb-2020 18:06