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Still going. Client is working on approvals for role. 07-Sep-2020 14:19
on hold as we wait for result of a meeting w/ a director over this role and others. Should know early next week. 27-Aug-2020 13:08
Client clarifies remote option - It's only for COVID. First 1-3 days onsite to onboard. Remote after till client returns to onsite fulltime for staff (based on MN state risk reports). All travel costs covered by candidate (1st trip and relo). 18-Aug-2020 19:15
Agent clarifies client wants to see candidates at 80/hr to us (no higher). 18-Aug-2020 14:25
Agent confirmed $90 as a rate is too high for someone not local and limited healthcare. $90 is for perfect fit candidates that hit most keys (currently local and/or tons of medical device work). 18-Aug-2020 12:11
Confirmed client is looking for 1-2 more of this role (so reopening). Candidates ideally need to be in commute distance to Minneapolis market (but candidate can work remote during COVID). Would have to be a perfect fit if further away and wanting long term remote. 17-Aug-2020 14:35
Status changed to 1-Active 17-Aug-2020 14:34
Client confirms relocation after COVID is required. 31-Jul-2020 14:09
Client might be looking for a 2nd candidate for this role. 14-Jul-2020 15:46
Offer out to one of our candidates (hold) 14-May-2020 15:36
This is still a need but client team is saying they are moving slowly figuring out how to operate in a remote structure during the virus. So hold for now. 16-Apr-2020 12:28
Move this lead to hold. Two solid candidates being put in front of hiring manager from us this week. Lets see how they react to them before qualifying further. 07-Apr-2020 22:28
Submitting candidate to client for review. Solid 4 year exposure to a pretty ornate medical (display) product in c++ v12. 07-Apr-2020 14:42
Sharing candidate as a test case. Solid regulatory/FDA work recently around medical devices and C++ (v12) but unclear if can come onsite. 03-Apr-2020 14:47
** During the virus limitations all work is being done remote but candidate needs to be in a position to work onsite when/if the virus clears ** 01-Apr-2020 21:31
Client confirms this is still going and they actually need 4-5 people. Rate up to 90 (from 80) for perfect fit candidates. Also duration expected increased to 6-12 months (from 6). 01-Apr-2020 21:18
Pinged agent for update here. 31-Mar-2020 17:47
Candidate we shared was already submitted so we are going to continue sourcing here and wait for feedback on how he does if we can get it. 19-Mar-2020 13:31
Shared submission to team. Good embedded systems history and a dash of non-embeeded as well. Only gap is the C++ exposure is intermittent (mostly C). Checking to see if that is a barrier. 13-Mar-2020 16:50
Screening a candidate today that looks pretty solid. Will update off that relative to status overall w/ client. 12-Mar-2020 16:13
Client tables our submission due to lack of enterprise class C++ solutions and a sense of too much focus on graphics solutions (vectors, etc.). Seems they really want someone with at least 1 gig in ASIC/Drivers/Embedded solutions (device software). C++ of around 10+ years. 06-Mar-2020 21:22
Sharing submission to agent. Solid C++ but lacks regulatory. 05-Mar-2020 16:26
Candidate they had in the role previously (this is a backfill) ended up taking a FTE role w/ another client. They liked him however. He was basically a 20+ year guy that did Java and .NET contracting. However, also involved C/C++ embedded work as part of that (web services, spring, BPEL, PKO, crypto, LDAP). Continued to C++, Java, .NET roles on Linux driving big data solutions. So someone along those lines is a high probability option. 02-Mar-2020 18:17
Lead Created 02-Mar-2020 17:58