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Submit candidate to agent to see if Cargill will consider someone without notable openFin/Finsemble 03-Jun-2020 19:44
Reopening this. Client went to offer w/ one of our candidates but they took another perm gig instead. So end client asked us to resume. Focus is on candidates w/ Finsemble and/or OpenFin. 01-Jun-2020 17:57
Still waiting on feedback on our 2nd candidate that went to final interview (1st one did get offer). Continue to source passively. 28-May-2020 11:20
Still going. One candidate going to final interview today. 21-May-2020 15:52
Reduce rate down to 100 max (from 120) based on pushback from client. Candidate's skills were perfect fit and they like him so that is the ceiling. 18-May-2020 16:28
Continue to hold as we wait for feedback on 1st wave of screens. 07-May-2020 13:48
Just talked w/ VMS of end client. They are putting lead on hold. Seems they have 40 some submissions forwarded to hiring manager (some ours) so now we need to wait. Given that we'll move this to hold and see what happens. 04-May-2020 20:37
Candidate from us in final interview today. Should have sense of how they want to move forward with other slots after that. 30-Apr-2020 13:47
Updated to reflect clients wanting to see either (a) React or (b) Angular depth around trading. 22-Apr-2020 14:46
Got an update from Cargill last night. They indicated they are completing the 1st shortlist of candidates now and we should know on Friday who they want to talk with (1st Interview). So should have an update at that time. 16-Apr-2020 11:42
Lead Created 06-Apr-2020 13:19